Pharmacy Starter Kit #1: Capsule Formulas

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Comprised of twelve (12) capsule formulas, this pharmacy starter kit focuses on helping a clinic get started as easily as possible and on covering a wide range of conditions. Starter kits are already discounted, 20% off coupon does not apply.


The capsule formulas include:

  • Ba Zhen Tang - General Health (Qi and Blood)
  • Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang - General Health (Qi and Blood)
  • Du Hou Ji Sheng Tang - Joint Health
  • Gui Pi Tang - General Health (Spleen)
  • Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan - General Health (Kidney Yang)
  • Liu Wei Di Huang Wan - General Health (Kidney Yin)
  • Long Dan Xie Gan Tang - Liver Detox
  • Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang - Blood Stasis Remover
  • Suan Zao Ren Tang - Calm and Sleep
  • Wen Dan Tang - Phlegm Transformer
  • Xiao Yao Wan - Mood Balance
  • Yu Ping Feng San - Immune Support

This starter kit also includes an herb-filled pulse reading pillow.